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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Aug 22, 2019

In this episode, we interview Tory Pratt, founder of Pratt Standard Cocktail Co. Some of the things we discuss include:

  • How a childhood spent in and around the catering industry gave Tory the inspiration to start her own company and taught her to approach cocktails from a culinary perspective.
  • What it means to get back...

Aug 15, 2019

In this episode, we answer user submitted questions about spirits and cocktails. Specifically, the topics we cover include:

  • Why moonshine is illegal, and also why legal distillers can sell products called "moonshine"
  • The difference between the dry shake and reverse dry shake method for creating egg white cocktails
  • How...

Aug 8, 2019

In this fun chat with author and bartender Shannon Mustipher, some of the topics we discuss include:

  • How Shannon shifted her passion for art from the canvas to the bar
  • What cocktails and great coffee and lattes have in common
  • What it looks like to go from designing a simple brunch menu to an entire cocktail program...

Aug 1, 2019

In this inspiring conversation with Chase Babcock of Saint Benevolence Rum, some of the topics we explore include:

  • How Chase’s childhood visits to Haiti - the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere - inspired him to create a rum brand that could enhance and catalyze the great charitable work his father began doing...

Jul 25, 2019

In this episode, we chat with Ethan Hall, Russell Garing, and Eric Holtzman of the Modern Bar Cart Team to learn about their first-time experiences at Tales of the Cocktail, a yearly hospitality industry summit centered around mixed drinks.

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • How Tales of the Cocktail is structured,...