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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Oct 12, 2017

I sit down to chat with none other than Chad Robinson, who spearheads sales and distribution at Catoctin Creek Distillery, which means he gets to travel around the country talking to people about great spirits. He has also been known to enjoy a cocktail or two.

Some of the other things we cover include:

  • Chad’s book of spirit-inspired poetry, entitled Gadabouts Abound
  • How to break the ice and build relationships in the world of craft spirits.
  • The art and science of blending whiskey, rum, brandy, and even amari (with generous tasting notes)
  • What to drink when you run into H.L. Menkin in Baltimore
  • And much, much more

Running into Chad at an event is always a treat, and it was a real blast to spend a few hours with him to record this episode. So please enjoy my spirited conversation with Chad Robinson.