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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Dec 14, 2017


This egg-driven episode kind of fell into our lap when Dennis Sendros, a DC-based home bartender and podcast listener, reached out to the podcast with the subject line: Come Drink with Us!

Turns out, Dennis hosts a monthly gathering called Cocktological Evenings, where he selects a theme and creates an intimate, booze-driven gathering to explore cocktails through that particular lens. You’ll hear Dennis speak more about this in just a minute, but there are two important details I want to share with you:

First, if you want to check out some pictures of what he and his guests are up to, head over to Instagram and follow @cocktologicalevenings. Or visit

Second, if you’d like a special code to sign up for one of these events please email, and we’ll hook you up with one of the special signup codes that Dennis has reserved for exclusively for listeners of the Modern Bar Cart Podcast.

Some of the topics Dennis and I discuss in this episode include:

  • The major egg-driven cocktails: Nogs, Flips, Fizzes, and Sours
  • What properties yolks and whites lend to our favorite drinks
  • Tips for hosting intimate cocktail gatherings like a pro
  • The art of the dry shake and the reverse dry shake
  • Ancient, egg-related creation myths
  • How Walt Whitman likes his Whiskey Sours
  • And much, much more

This is a great episode for the winter season, when we tend to enjoy darker, more textured cocktails, and when we tend to do more indoor hosting at home, both of which are great reasons to break out the egg nog or make a round of flips.