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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Jul 12, 2018

This episode is an interview with sommelier and Madeira expert Michael Scaffidi.

Some of the things we discuss in this wide-ranging conversation include:

  • How Michael changed his career aspirations from music mogul to wine expert, which led him to become a sommelier at some of the most influential restaurants in the country.
  • Why Madeira has such a special place in the world of fortified wines - including stories about 300-year-old bottles, burning islands, and eye-patch-wearing explorers.
  • The principle grapes, styles, and label claims that will help you decide which variety of Madeira is right for you next time you visit the liquor store.
  • The similarities between a master sommelier and an expert Disk Jockey.
  • What to drink when you’re hanging out with Shaquille O’Neil, and much, much more.