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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Dec 5, 2019

Some of the topics we discuss with Victoria Vergason of The Hour during this interview include:

  • How Victoria used her globe-trotting career in international finance to build a colorful and diverse collection of vintage glassware and bar tools.
  • The various changes in glassware size and shape as we moved from the golden age of the cocktail, to prohibition, and beyond.
  • Why cocktail pitchers and rooster motifs really need to make a comeback.
  • How history and culture had a direct effect on the design and materials used to make different glasses and tools, including camouflaged cocktail shakers, gun trigger mechanisms on jiggers and, even hand-painted cocktail glasses.
  • The origins and implications of the “Three Martini Lunch”
  • Why Victoria is branching out to create her own line of glassware and bar tools called “The Modern Home Bar.”
  • Which famous artists and thinkers she would invite to her ultimate historical cocktail hour
  • And much, much more