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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Jun 4, 2020

Some of the things we discuss in this wide-ranging conversation with bartender, author, and podcaster Shawn Soole of Soole Hospitality Concepts include:

  • How Shawn made his way to Victoria, British Columbia by way of Australia, and how he explains his city’s disproportionate influence on the cocktail world, relative to its size.
  • Why he and his team at Clive’s Cocktail Lounge in Victoria decided to embark on the ambitious project (called Homage Cocktail Fridays) of re-creating almost 100 famous cocktail menus from cocktail bars around the world.
  • The way Shawn was able to hustle - literally hustle - for the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most influential cocktail ambassadors, like Jeffrey Morganthaler and Philip Duff.
  • What Canada has to offer on the cocktail front - highlighting some of the people, places, and flavors featured in Great Northern Cocktails to show all of us quarantined Americans what we’re missing out on north of the border.
  • How to plan your next vacation to the great white north so that you’re certain to strategically hit the best food and drink venues that each city has to offer.
  • What Shawn talks about on his own awesome podcast, The Post Shift Podcast.
  • And much, much more.