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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Jan 14, 2021

In this Bar Cart Foundations Episode, we take a deep dive into Geographical Indications - you know - those things that verify where your booze comes from. Some of the guests who share their wisdom in this compilation format include:

  • Melanie Asher, founder of Macchu Pisco
  • Effie Panagopoulous, founder of KLEOS Mastiha
  • RB Wolfensberger, distiller of Grey Wolf Spirits
  • Matt Pietrek, Rum Wonk
  • Lou Bank & Chava Periban, Hosts of the Agave Road Trip Podcast
  • Lance Winters, Master Distiller at St. George Spirits

The material we cover here is meant to be a crash course of sorts. There are many levels of nuance that we do not cover. However, if you're looking to understand the large-scale forces that affect the legal production and distribution of the spirits you drink, this is a great place to start.