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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Mar 25, 2021

Sother Teague is the barman behind the hit NYC bar, Amor y Amargo (Trans: "Love and Bitters"). He is also the authors of the books, I'm Just Here for the Drinks and Let's Get Blitzen.

Some of the topics covered in this wide-ranging conversation with Sother Teague include:

  • The origin story of Sother Teague. From a biker bar in Panama City Florida, to the New England Culinary Institute, to tending bar in New York City.
  • Why Amor Y Amargo is a bumble bee, and how it transformed from a trendy pop-up to an acclaimed East Village destination.
  • The bizarre, seductive energy that characterized a pre-pandemic visit to Sother’s Bar, and what can it teach us about the meaning of being together and sharing a drink.
  • How Sother has become the reluctant master of the pivot, and what changes are in store for guests at his new concept: Reserve by Amor y Amargo.
  • Some thoughts on the daunting task of pairing food with boozy, stirred cocktails
  • My first Underberg Bitters drinking contest (you’ll never guess who won)
  • Details about what’s on the horizon for Sother (including several trash bags of bottle caps and a new Sunday Dinner ritual)
  • And much, much more

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