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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Nov 20, 2023

In this stirring, ice-cold conversation with bartender and cocktail batcher extraordinaire, Robby Haynes, some of the topics we discuss include:

  • What people mean when they say, “Martini,” and why certain preferences and aversions pertaining to its construction may stem from unresolved fears and myths about ingredients.

  • How Robby teamed up with distillers, wine-makers, and cocktail experts to weave a flavor tapestry worthy of sitting on the shelf next to the legendary Gold Fashioned.

  • What research and development looks like in the gin space, specifically when it comes to nerdy stuff like botanical maceration, gin basket ergonomics, and ethanol proof points.

  • Then, of course, we taste the Hoste Martini, and Robby shares recommendations about freezer settings and over-ice service that take this cocktail to the next level.

  • Martinis in-hand, we wrap the conversation by examining some of the softer nuances of martini service, like: why cocktail bars are super controlled environments, why hosting a cocktail party can be so unpredictable, and the benevolent tension between host and guest that creates a hospitality interaction.

  • Along the way, we get into the latest updates on this year’s batch of the Gold Fashioned, play a rousing game of “Kill, Marry, Fornicate” with iconic Martini trifectas, ponder the mysterious “Vermouth Tipping Point,” and much, much more.

You can learn more about the Gold Fashioned and the new Hoste Martini at