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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Apr 29, 2021

In this stimulating still dialogue with Dr. Eric Stroud of Mohawk Spirits Distillery, some of the topics we discuss include:

  • The differences between traditional and vacuum distillation - that is, distillation that takes place in the presence of high heat vs. distillation that takes place at room temperature but under...

Apr 21, 2021

Some of the topics we cover in this wide-ranging conversation with spirits writer, educator, and judge Billy Abbott include:

  • How Billy took the leap from a career in computing and database management to pursue his passion for whisky, and what the past decade has looked like for him following that drastic vocational...

Apr 15, 2021

Eric walks through his method for cutting back on drinking using a simple tool he calls a "daily accountability journal." This method stands in stark contrast to "booze cleanse" months like "Sober October" and "Dry January."

Along the way, he discusses the difference between "dry" and "wet" societies, why we tend to set...

Apr 8, 2021

In this Bar Cart Foundations episode, we trace the history of the mint julep and describe some important points regarding its craft.

  • We begin by trying to define what a julep is, where it comes from, and where mint enters into the equation.
  • Next, we place its formulation in contrast to other drinks that were popular...

Apr 1, 2021

In this barrel-aged deep dive with spirits writer Brent Joseph, some of the topics we discuss include:

  • How Brent came to love Bourbon and used his passion to propel himself into a senior contributor role at Bourbon & Banter.
  • The recent retail experiences that led him to pose the titular question of his four-part...