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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Dec 14, 2023

In this spirited discussion with Alain Royer and Henry Preiss of Preiss Imports, some of the topics we discuss include:

  • What precisely Izarra liqueur is and the geographic and cultural forces that allowed it to remain more of a regional specialty, while Chartreuse enjoyed wider exposure. 

  • How other specialty...

Dec 7, 2023

In this special holiday-themed throwback episode, we've decided to re-release part of an episode from 2020, where Eric interviews acclaimed cocktail author Aaron Goldfarb, author of the book, Gather Around Cocktails.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to master eggnog, even in a New York City apartment
  • Ways to...

Nov 20, 2023

In this stirring, ice-cold conversation with bartender and cocktail batcher extraordinaire, Robby Haynes, some of the topics we discuss include:

  • What people mean when they say, “Martini,” and why certain preferences and aversions pertaining to its construction may stem from unresolved fears and myths...

Oct 30, 2023

In this nerdy deep-dive on the craft and science of Super Juice with bartender and cocktail competitor Mike Vander Horn (@cocktail.complex), some of the topics we discuss include:

  • What Super Juice is and how it has risen to prominence in both cocktail bar and home bar settings.

  • Different ways of formulating super...

Oct 19, 2023

In this time-traveling, globetrotting conversation with Amanda Schuster, author of Signature Cocktails, some of the topics we discuss include:

  • How Amanda went about sourcing 200 signature recipes from all corners of the globe and spanning over 500 years of history.

  • What distinguishes signature cocktails from their...