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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Jun 6, 2019

In this episode, we chat with RB Wolfensberger, head distiller at Gray Wolf Craft Distilling, about his new American Agave Spirit: Lobo.

Some of the topics we discus include:

  • How his new American agave spirit - called “Lobo” - fits in with the other products in the Gray Wolf portfolio, which we taste and nose as we go.
  • The differences between using an agave heart or “pina” vs. using an agave nectar as the base for a distilled spirit.
  • Why barrel aging agave spirits is traditionally very different than most other barrel-aging approaches, and what RB is doing to kinda shake things up and set his product apart.
  • The challenges of introducing a non-tequila, non-mezcal agave spirit into an American market that takes comfort in traditional agave categories and classifications.
  • An on-air cocktail demo using the Lobo to make a dry, refreshing riff on an agave Manhattan.
  • Meditations on the late, great distiller Dave Pickerel,
  • And much, much more