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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Aug 3, 2017

What’s up cocktail fans. I’m coming at you today with a great summer cocktail. And maybe I shouldn’t be saying A cocktail...but rather THE cocktail.

Even if you’re just getting into cocktails, if you haven’t heard of this drink, I’m a bit worried about where you’ve been for the past century.

That’s right, this episode is all about the legendary Martini. And I want to give you a chance to make yourself one before we jump into this interview with Embitterment Bitters and Modern Bar Cart co-founder Ethan Hall (@ethanjhall).

So, if you want to do that, you’re gonna want to put two ounces of gin in a stirring pint with ice, as well as a half-an-ounce to an ounce of dry vermouth (based on your flavor preference), and some orange or citrus bitters.

Stir that all up (or shake it if you’re in a James Bond mood), and then strain it into a chilled cocktail glass. Last but not least, you’ll want to express a lemon peel garnish over the top, and either leave that bad boy in the glass or discard it--again, your preference.

Ethan and I grew up in the cocktail space practicing our drinks on one another. I think he makes a solid, SOLID Martini, and I know you’ll enjoy our banter and his insights.

Not only do we cover the recipe nuances and variations on the martini, but we also delve into some of the historical and cultural forces that have cemented this cocktail as one of the crown jewels of the mixed drinks world.

So, settle in. Get those earbuds locked in their full upright position, and enjoy this boozy interview with my friend and yours, Ethan Hall.