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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Aug 24, 2017

Welcome back to another episode of the Modern Bar Cart Podcast. I’m your host, Eric Kozlik, and today, we’ve got a really excellent and timely episode for your listening enjoyment.

This is airing on August 24, 2017, and we are in the midst of Amaro Week. As some of you may know, an Amaro is a bitter, Italian-style liqueur, and this particular category has really been taking off in the last few years.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to enjoy this resurgence with the help of a really strong, local amaro company here in Washington, D.C. called Don Ciccio e Figli. They’ve got a really fantastic product line, and in this episode, I sit down with portfolio manager Jonathan Fasano, who schools me in the nuances of amari, aperitivi, and cordials.

Some of the topics we cover in this episode include:

  • The difference between Amari, Aperitivi, and Cordials
  • The history of herbs and spices in the Mediterranean
  • How an earthquake in Italy eventually led to an American amaro company
  • The best cocktails to make with your favorite bitter liqueurs
  • And much, much more

I had a great time talking with Jonathan, who happens to be a good friend of mine, and I know you’re eager to listen and learn, so I’m gonna get out of the way here and let you enjoy this fascinating discussion with Jonathan Fasano of Don Ciccio e Figli.