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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

May 23, 2019

What’s shakin, cocktail fans?

Welcome to the official 100th episode of The Modern Bar Cart Podcast!

That’s right - 100 episodes. A HUGE milestone, to be sure! We are so incredibly grateful for all the great guests we’ve had on over the past two years, and I want to be the first to tell you that we’re just getting started.

Now that we’re officially in the triple digits, we thought it might be nice for us to take a little step back and look out at the “State of the Union,” so to speak, for spirits and cocktails. A lot of things can happen in two years, and I think it’s really valuable to take that reflection time to look at what’s happened and where things are headed.

This episode, Modern Bar Cart co-founder Ethan Hall takes the reins as the podcast host and grills Eric on the ins and outs of the cocktail world for your entertainment.

  • A look back at two years of podcasting - plus recommendations for folks who might want to try their hand at recording and publishing audio for the world to enjoy.
  • Category-by-category hot takes on the state of various spirits and where they’re headed.
  • Thoughts on cocktail fads like clarified juices, tiki, amari, and speakeasies
  • A bunch of fun new lightning round questions designed specifically for this interview
  • Advice for young people trying to break into the cocktail scene at home or professionally
  • My personal reflections on what Modern Bar Cart has become, and where it’s headed,
  • And much, much more.