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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Aug 1, 2019

In this inspiring conversation with Chase Babcock of Saint Benevolence Rum, some of the topics we explore include:

  • How Chase’s childhood visits to Haiti - the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere - inspired him to create a rum brand that could enhance and catalyze the great charitable work his father began doing in Haiti back in the early 2000s.
  • What it takes to source and import rum that tells a story and inspires bartenders to make great cocktails.
  • The legacy that Clairin has in Haiti as essentially a family moonshining tradition, and why this open fermented rustic agricole product is making a huge splash in the spirits industry today
  • What different sugar cane varietals can bring to the clairin making process
  • Why Chase and his dad Calvin publish their tax returns on the internet
  • How to order rum like Ernest Hemingway at a Parisian cafe
  • And much, much more

During this conversation at Tales of the Cocktail 2019, we taste through Saint Benevolence’s two keystone or flagship products: their five year aged caribbean rum, and their clairin, which is just now hitting the market in Florida, California, and Louisiana, so if you’re based in one of those states, be sure to request Saint Benevolence next time you visit your favorite bar or liquor store.