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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Oct 3, 2019

This episode, we’re sharing a double feature of two episodes that came out WAY BACK in January of 2018 - that’s closing in on two years ago.

Part One of this feature is dedicated to our Iki Japanese bitters, and it includes a really cool phone interview with Jennifer Bloeser of Oregon Coast Wasabi. She is literally the farmer who tends these crazy plants, plucks em out of the dirt, and ships them on ice to our team so that we can create these super unique bitters. We also do a little romp through the culinary history and culture of Japan so that you can understand how this island nation and its cuisine has inspired us.

Part Two is focused on the cocktails (and other alcoholic libations) of the American Frontier. Of course, our Frontier Sarsaparilla Bitters are another really popular member of the Heritage Collection, so in addition to talking about ingredients that are native to North America, we also do a really cool march through the drinking history of our nation from its inception to roughly the year 1900. This sounds like a long time, but when you zoom out and consider the vast sweep of drinking history, it’s a really condensed period when a lot of really important changes happened. And they happened here in America, which makes the cocktail a uniquely American invention.