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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Feb 13, 2020

We interview Master Distiller Lance winters of St. George Spirits in Alameda, CA. He's a pioneer in the industry and a champion of craft distilling.

Some of the things we cover in this wide-ranging conversation include:

  • How Lance’s childhood fascination with flavors, spices, and seasonings eventually led him into the beer and whiskey world, where he met Jorg Rupf, the legendary founder of St. George Spirits.
  • Why flavor is an ideal medium to use when you want to transfer some sort of emotion or experience between completely different people.
  • What it took to grow St. George from a brand that started making Alsatian-inspired fruit brandies in a shipping containers to one of the undisputed leaders in the craft spirits world
  • Then we taste the following St. George Spirits and give you in-depth notes: Their pear brandy, Terroir Gin, Bruto Americano Aperitivo, and their single malt whiskey.