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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Feb 20, 2020

This time around, we catch up with H. Joseph Ehrmann, proprietor of the legendary San Francisco bar, Elixir, and one of the driving forces behind Fresh Victor, an awesome, fresh-juice-based cocktail mixer line that’s been making waves in the beverage community.

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • How he combined his culinary art, general contracting, and business administration, and PR skills to resurrect one of San Francisco’s oldest and most storied bars.
  • Some reflections on his career so far, from winning cocktail competitions, to becoming a certified Cognac and rum educator, to being featured on the cover of the New York Times.
  • The difference between generalists and specialists in the spirits and cocktail space, and why the best generalists are very often secret specialists and insatiable learners.
  • What it’s like to launch a juiced-based mixer company - focusing on his latest project: Fresh Victor.
  • Some thoughts on spirits judging: in particular, what we’re excited about at this year’s ADI annual judging of craft spirits.
  • The crazy reality of being able to trace a barrel shortage through the years simply by listening to your palate
  • And much, much more.