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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Feb 27, 2020

We talk with a panel of esteemed guests about the rise of "Ready-to-Drink" cocktails (RTDs). These are the canned counterparts to contemporary beers and wines, and they are on the rise around the world.

Our guests include:

  • Lead Steward for the American Distilling Institute (ADI) and prolific spirits judge and cocktail writer David T. Smith - author of The Gin Dictionary.
  • Keli Rivers, who is the US Brand Ambassador for Sipsmith Gin. She’s also a passionate gin collector and educator, and I really enjoyed learning from her as a lead judge during this year’s event.
  • Bernadette (aka Bernie) Pamplin, the mind behind, contributor to many spirits publications, spirits judge, and all-around juniper-infused bad-ass.

And finally - Joe Barber, who holds a title with ADI that I know a lot of fans of the American version of The Office will appreciate: Assistant to the Lead Steward. Now, Joe is actually the lynch pin of this episode. He’s the educated palate that chooses to use his powers to speak for the average person...which is why he is our “Johnny on the Street” - an advocate for all that is efficient, effective, and uncomplicatedly delicious. He’s the voice of reason in complicated times- and for that, we love him.