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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

May 28, 2020

In this conversation with Distilled Spirits Council President and CEO Chris Swonger, some of the topics we discuss include:

  • What DISCUS does as a lobbying organization and why storytelling is so important when it comes to capturing the attention of policymakers.
  • How seemingly unrelated forces like steel imports, fighter jets, and trade wars have a direct impact on the sticker price of our favorite Scotches and Liqueurs and how much bourbon leaves the United States.
  • What distillers and bartenders have been doing on the front lines to keep people safe and well stocked during the COVID-19 shelter in place crisis and how the 3 tier system is adapting to the new constraints imposed by the pandemic.
  • Some of the great strides being made by Spirits United - a platform where home enthusiasts and industry professionals can all come together to support their favorite beverages and the people who make them.
  • Which emerging trends to keep your eye on as the booze market recovers from the Coronavirus with extreme innovation.
  • What to drink with Winston Churchill and MMatthew McConaughey
  • And much, much more