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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Jul 23, 2020

In this enlightening conversation with Greg Benson of Bar None and The Speakeasy, some of the topics we discuss include:

  • How Greg transitioned from a career in the brewing world to a life behind the stick, slinging cocktails, niche agave spirits, and happiness.
  • A little about the two podcasts that Greg helps bring to the airwaves, including the deep-dive, historical contemplations of Bar None and the weekly, boozy nerd-out sessions of The Speakeasy.
  • Then, we focus in on the main subject of this episode: the RESTAURANTS Act - and YES, RESTAURANTS, in this case, is an acronym. A very long, very apt acronym.
  • We talk about the origins of this possible service industry bailout, what it’s designed to do for the hospitality world, and the potential impacts it could have if passed.
  • We do a little thought experiment about winning the hearts and minds of legislators as if we were the ghosts of cocktail bars past, present, and future,
  • We riff on the bitter beauty of gentian liqueurs and existential Yelp reviews,
  • And much, much more.