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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Oct 29, 2020

In this inaugural Modern Bar Cart LIVE episode, Eric teams up with Modern Bar Cart Co-Founder Ethan Hall and live stream producer Eric Holtzman to bring you a comparative tasting of rare Chartreuse!

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • The history of Chartreuse, including its origins as a medicinal elixir, its ties to the Phyloxera plague that killed all the grapes in France, and its rise to notoriety.
  • What distinguishes Yellow and Green Chartreuse from one another flavor-wise, even though the recipes are known only to two people ON THE PLANET, and how their different distillate bases tell stories that extend far beyond their alpine cloister.
  • What types of ingredients and flavors you’ll typically find in Genepies and alpine liqueurs across the board, and how Chartreuse fits into that category while also playing with a great deal of exotic spices and botanicals.
  • Then we taste our rare bottle: The 9th Centenary Liqueur produced to honor the 900th anniversary of the Carthusian order who are responsible for producing Chartreuse. We talk about how we sourced this bottle, what makes it special, and how it adds to the flavor story of the Chartreuse lineup.