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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Jan 13, 2022

In this conversation with Derek Brown, author of the forthcoming book, Mindful Mixology, some of the topics we discuss include:

  • How Derek entered into the low- and no-ABV cocktail space, partially as a function of shifting life circumstances, and partially as a way to deepen the conversation around what a cocktail is or should be.
  • What it means to drink mindfully - we’re all aware that this word has many different connotations, and Derek explains exactly what he means by the phrase “mindful mixology.”
  • Then we take a look at the book: how it’s set up to give you a crash course in the ingredients and techniques that create delicious low- and no-ABV drinks, as well as the other voices from the NA cocktail space he pulled in to comment on subjects like non-alcoholic spirits and setting the mood without alcohol.
  • Finally, we wrap up by exploring the language we use to describe cocktails without booze, how bartenders and bar programs can learn more about incorporating No- and low-ABV drinks into their menus, and the burgeoning future of the no-ABV spirits category.

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