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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Aug 13, 2020

Eric chats with spirits expert and Copalli Rum Global Brand Ambassador Elayne Duff about a new Belizian cane spirit she's helping to bring to the US spirits and cocktail scene. Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • The story of Copalli Rum as a philanthropic project by marine conservationist Todd Robinson - and how he teamed up with Chef Anya Fernald to create Copal Tree Lodge.
  • How Elayne and her fellow Global Brand Ambassador Julie Reiner are educating bartenders and home consumers about the magic of Copalli rum here in the US.
  • Which cane varietals, fermentation decisions, and sustainable distilling practices influence the flavor of Copalli rum.
  • Some thoughts on the perfect Daiquiri - and how you can modulate the booze and sugar in the drink to achieve the ideal wash line and flavor profile for you.
  • A cautionary tale about the utter folly of comparing spirits aged in different climates
  • Why Eric thinks we need to coin the term “monkey’s share.”
  • And much, much more