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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Apr 21, 2021

Some of the topics we cover in this wide-ranging conversation with spirits writer, educator, and judge Billy Abbott include:

  • How Billy took the leap from a career in computing and database management to pursue his passion for whisky, and what the past decade has looked like for him following that drastic vocational shift.
  • What it means to be a generalist in a world teeming with whisky specialists, and why it pays to take a curious, humble, and omnivorous approach to learning and teaching about spirits.
  • Then we take a slight left turn and talk about Asian spirits, including how Billy became one of the first Awamori Jinbners, his thoughts on Shochu and Bajui, and the tricky business of introducing large markets to spirits they know nothing about.
  • But that’s not all. We give you the inside scoop on BIlly’s new book, we cover some exciting new spirits producers and trends in Europe and the UK, and we even wax poetic on the importance of sandwich ergonomics in the age of COVID.

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