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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Jul 22, 2021

In this well-shuffled, cleanly dealt interview with Dave Beck of Paverson Games, some of the topics we discuss include:

  • How a trip to Scotland sparked the idea for a game that would challenge players to distill, age, and sell their own spirits...all thanks to an inheritance from a long-lost relative.
  • Why Distilled is considered a “medium weight, Euro-style game, and what it looks like to make booze using cards, tokens, and distiller avatars.
  • How the Kickstarter campaign for this product met its funding goal in less than an hour, on its way to eclipsing that goal by over 15,000%.
  • Which technical distilling processes were creatively mixed into the game mechanics of Distilled, and which needed to be saved perhaps for a future edition, including heads and tales cuts, the Angel’s share, and pulling flavor notes from wood.
  • How the game educates and introduces players to spirits from different cultures, using  avatars based on historical distillers from around the world - all with special recipe and abilities.
  • Along the way, we talk about why American games are so confrontational, the simple joy of summoning elevators, how to order a proper brandy old fashioned at a Wisconsin supper club, and much, much more.
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